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M I A M I G O T H  F A Q
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Last updated November 11, 2005

What is the Miamigoth FAQ?

- The Miamigoth FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Miamigoth Mailing List. It mostly includes common rules and information relevant to using the list. It is posted on a regular basis to keep its content fresh into the mind of all Miamigoth users, and provide updates about changes, etc. Please read periodically.

What is the Miamigoth list all about?

- South Florida's Gothic Email Group, Miamigoth is the largest and longest running Gothic/BDSM interactive group in South Florida. Our mission is to bring together South Florida goths to meet, socialize, and share news of events, music, clubs, and darker-style shopping places with people of our genre. All goths welcome. This is an 18+ group.

Please be open-minded and respect others regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, musical taste, alternative lifestyle, etc.

Is Miamigoth moderated?

- Yes, expect delays. Your posts will not appear immediately when you send them.

What is the Miamigoth Gateway list?

- Miamigoth Gateway is Miamigoth's sister list. On Miamigoth Gateway you will find club/event announcements only and without any of the other messages normally found on Miamigoth. Miamigoth Gateway also supports email attachment and HTML, so you can receive the actual club/event flyers or view better looking presentation as sent by the promoters. Unlike Miamigoth which is an adult group, anyone can subscribe to Miamigoth Gateway regardless of age so suscription is easy. Click Join to subscribe.

What are the general rules for using Miamigoth?

- 1. MESSAGES: Please trim all superfluous text that is unrelated to your post (for example, avoid sending back the complete text of club/event promos when replying to them), but be sure to include enough of the previous text so that we know what you are responding to and who. Also, please do add your name or screen name at the end of your posts. Messages can be read directly from the Miamigoth Yahoo Groups site at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/miamigoth or you may select to have the messages sent to your personal email box (click "Edit My Membership" on the top right of the page at the above address). You may also select to receive a daily digest instead of receiving every post individually.

- 2. RESPECT: your fellow gothlings. We can only see words, not facial expressions, so your words can be taken the wrong way *surprisesurprise*. Doublecheck it before you send it if you're posting while angry, intoxicated or during a leave of your senses.

For those of you who need clarification, this means: NO ethnic/racial slurs, no bigotry, no sexism, no personal insults, no flaming, no overboard offensive crap, no going "uhhhh-huuhhh yer stupid and yer mom dresses you funny". Get it? Got it. Good.

- 3. EVENTS: Miamigoth may be used to promote events such as club nights, shows, etc. Unless national or international in nature, avoid sending information to the list regarding events that aren't happening in South Florida. Please limit your announcements to once per week for weekly events, and twice per month for monthly events. Also, make sure to include all relevant information such as the time and location of the event. This, as opposed to asking people to call you, email you, RSVP, or become members if they want to find out the information.

EVENT/CLUB PROMOTERS PLEASE NOTE: Using this list to promote club night(s) or event(s) implies that you agree to provide a free complimentary admission for the owner, administrator, or moderators of this group, plus one guest for each additional promotional post you make.

- 4. SHARING IMAGE FILES: All image files including club/event flyers should be uploaded to the Photos section. Promoters should create their own directory and keep the files in there updated. Older material should be deleted.

- 5. SPAMMING: Users that subscribe for the sole purpose of spamming the list will be banned immediately without notice. If you have nothing to say of interest to Miami gothlings and your only posts are advertisements for whatever you have to sell or promote, your posts will be deleted on the spot and your email address permanently banned from subscribing to the list again.

- 6. EMAIL ADDRESSES: It is expressly forbidden to use Miamigoth to gather up email addresses for other purposes. Anyone found using email addresses obtained from Miamigoth for other purposes than posting to Miamigoth, will be removed from the group without notice.

- 7. PROMOTING OTHER LISTS, CHAT BOARDS AND GROUPS: It is not permitted to promote other lists, chat boards or groups on Miamigoth, or to seek large number of people to send you their email address for any reason.

- 8. THIS IS NOT PERSONAL: these rules apply to everybody.

- 9. Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Service. http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/

Miamigoth links and subscription information:

- The main source of information about Miamigoth is the website at www.miamigoth.com.

- You may also visit the Yahoo! Groups website to modify your subscription:

You are encouraged to fill in your user's profile and upload your picture there as well. Together, it makes everything more enjoyable for everyone since this can help others figure out who is who.

- Please email the list owner if you have any questions that are not answered in this FAQ or the website.

- To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to: miamigoth@yahoogroups.com

- To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: miamigoth-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

- Let's say that again. To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: miamigoth-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com



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